Celton Hayden

Celton Hayden, Jr. is the President and CEO of CC’s Coffee House. He joined CC’s as a store manager in 2001. Since that time, he has held several roles, each being a progression in accountability the company’s leadership and strategic direction. He successfully led the spin-off of CC’s Coffee House from its former parent company in 2013 and was named its president at that time. He was named CEO in February 2015. 

Celton continues to contribute the evolution of the CC’s brand through his unique combination of practical yet visionary leadership. A Dallas native and student of Texas A&M University, Celton has amassed over 25 years of experience in the retail and restaurant sectors. From his teen years as a grocery clerk to today as a CEO, one constant remains his driving principle – serve everyone better than anyone else. This became the CC’s Coffee House mission statement. This unyielding commitment to excellence provides the foundation for the growth and enduring success of CC’s Coffee House.

When Celton isn’t at the helm of CC’s, he enjoys time with his wife, three children and granddaughter. He also is an avid DJ in his spare time and shares his love of great music and infectious, fun-loving attitude with everyone he meets.




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